Follow common sense practices to reduce or eliminate stormwater pollution.

Around your home

In your yards and gardens

  • Landscape with plants that discourage pests and have low requirements for water, fertilizers and pesticides. Visit OurWaterOurWorld for less toxic solutions to common house and garden pests.
  • Use these tips to encourage water to soak into your landscape
  • Dirt, leaves and lawn clippings can clog storm drains and choke creeks. Rake or sweep to clean up outside. Compost leaves and yard clippings, or recycle them.

Detain the Rain

Safe Disposal

  • Use less toxic or non-toxic cleaning products whenever possible
  • Buy household chemicals only in the amount you expect to use, and apply them only as directed 
  • If you change your own oil, recycle it, or take it to a household hazardous waste collection program
  • Rinse latex paint tools in a sink, not outdoors.  Also, clean up toxic spills like motor oil, paint, and antifreeze with an absorbent material and dispose of soiled absorbent properly.
  • Visit the Solano County Recycling Guide for more information on where to recycle all kinds of items 
  • Generally, disposal at the household hazardous waste facility is free for residents. There may be a fee for businesses.

Car care

  • Use a commercial car wash instead of your driveway; that wastewater is treated.  Or wash cars on a lawn or dirt surface and empty your bucket of soapy water into a sink or toilet.
  • If you wash your car at home, use a control nozzle on your hose to stop flow when you don’t need it, and empty your bucket into a sink, not the storm drain
  • Keep your car free from leaks and recycle your used motor oil and antifreeze

Healthy Pets

Pets and the environment go hand in hand. Imagine how unhealthy it would become if no one picked up after their pets.

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